The fact that FansBet give back to the fans is great. Essentially football would be nothing without the fans.
Gubby Kular - Punjabi Wolves.

Punjabi Wolves Lay on free coach travel

31st October 2019
How FansBet helped
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Punjabi Wolves Supporters, as the name suggests, are a supporter group of Wolverhampton Wanderes, representing a diverse and multi-cultural fan base.

Although the origins of Punjabi Wolves Supporters are Asian, specifically Punjabi, the group encourage fans from all backgrounds to become a PWS member; allowing them to air their views on the ‘day-to-day’ running of our club.

Punjabi’s have been seen and heard in the Molineux terraces for many a year now and two of the founding members were a Mr Laskar Singh and Mr Lachhman whom experienced their first home match back in 1954.

They were persuaded by their fellow work colleagues to attend matches but, until then, were apprehensive due to hearing about trouble both before and after games, but fast forward several years and today Molineux is true representation of multi-cultural Wolverhampton!

Punjabi Wolves Supporters also work closely with local grass roots football clubs in a bid to showcase young talented footballers and hopefully unearth the next rising star to adorn the famous Gold and Black jersey.

Thanks to their unique relationship with FansBet the Punjabi Wolves have been able to lay on free coach travel for fans going to away games across the country at a time when following your team on the road can be a pretty expensive thing to do.

“The fact that FansBet give back to the fans is great,” says Gubby Kular of the Punjabi Wolves. “Essentially football would be nothing without the fans.”

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