We Are Birmingham

Birmingham City
Our partnership with We Are Birmingham has contributed to the following:

We Are Birmingham was born in the mind of Chris Goulding back in 2016. After a year of planning, networking and designing; they launched their website and began to produce high quality blogs, reports and previews centering around Birmingham City Football Club.

Their mission is simple. They aim to be the most reliable, honest and entertaining source for Blues news and views whilst remaining absolutely free of charge for the consumer.

After amassing a litany of writers, bloggers and reporters, they expanded their project by launching the WAB podcast. Shortly afterwards they were rewarded with the coveted ‘blue tick’ on Twitter.

Their follower count rises daily and the podcast is downloaded by thousands of people around the world. But this is only ‘Phase 2’ of their development as this season We Are Birmingham will embark on ‘Phase 3’ with the creation of WAB TV.

This year their existing portfolio of blogs, reports and podcasts will be accompanied by regular features and weekly shows – all hosted on the WAB platform.

“FansBet has joined us at the perfect time in our history and we are thrilled to be working alongside them,” say WAB. “The bond that FansBet forms between themselves and sports fans is a unique and original scheme. Although our readers/viewers/listeners may not always back the winner, it’s refreshing to know that these losses are offset by the help and support their beloved clubs receive.

“As a non-profit, fan-owned organisation, FansBet gives us the opportunity to be bigger and better. With their help we can invest in our brand and more importantly our people. We are very enthusiastic about our potential growth and with FansBet’s ‘Fan Partner’ scheme we will be able to take our content to the next level for the great supporters of our great club!”