The Gooner was in danger of ceasing publication.
Kevin Whitcher

The Gooner

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The Gooner is the best-selling independent Arsenal fanzine which, since its launch in 1987, has aimed to provide a platform where the complete spectrum of Gunners supporters’ views can be expressed.

The fanzine is the natural home for many of the debates and counter views that go hand in hand with being a Gooner in modern times from a wide cross section of the Arsenal fan base providing intelligent, passionate and often humorous analysis of the goings-on at Arsenal FC, both on and off the pitch.

Having been told about our commitment to share half of our net profits with supporter groups by teaming-up with trusted and accredited fans groups and committees The Gooner were more than happy to team-up with FansBet.

“Once I found out what FansBet was about I was keen to get involved,” says Kevin Whitcher from The Gooner. “It’s great and it all feeds back into the survival of the fanzine and the fanzine does provide a unique voice. You need to have a look at what FansBet are doing, I would recommend them thoroughly.”

Giving back

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