The Blue Room Podcast

Our partnership with The Blue Room Podcast has contributed to the following:

The Blue Room is an independent Everton website run by a selection of journalists and contributors. In March 2018, The Blue Room partnered with FansBet and and as a result has been able to improve every facet of the podcast and website in a number of different ways.

“Via our partnership with FansBet, we’ve been able to expand our offering of podcasts to our subscribers and have invested in a number of different pieces of much-needed equipment having previously relied on the good nature of broadcast partners and their facilities,” explains Dave Downie of The Blue Room.

“We’ve also been able to enhance our digital platforms, purchase prizes for competitions and even subsidise travel to conduct interviews with former players. All of this, in just a few short months, has enhanced our social media following and products which continue to grow week by week.”

The relationship between The Blue Room and FansBet is a partnership where Evertonians can benefit in several different ways with more and more fans turning to FansBet as an alternative to their previous bookmaker due to the genuine concern for all aspects of fan culture due to the fact they we are committed to giving back 50% of net profit to fan organisations and Trusts.