City Xtra

Manchester City
Our partnership with City Xtra has contributed to the following:

The aim of the City Xtra is to provide aspiring writers to ability to get a foot in the door of the harsh world of football journalism, whilst also becoming the go-to platform for ALL Manchester City fans to get a different insight into the club we all live for. Our club has often been overlooked when it comes to fan channels or genuine fan content creators – we want to be the platform that overcomes this trend.

In 2019, just five months into the project, we were nominated for the Football Blogging Awards’ ‘Best New Content Creator’ – a nomination hat has driven us on to really make something out of our passion and skill in the world of both social media and journalism. Since that point, we have now exceeded 75,000 followers across two platforms, a figure that is a testament to our hard work, and a figure we all believe we can double in the next two years.

Fansbet provided us with podcast facility and access to their office in June 2019, to produce our very own weekly Manchester City-related podcast. An avenue we have now successfully maintained for over five months. The podcast is now cross-platform, providing City fans with an insight into respectable fans’ views on all things related to the club on a weekly basis.

We believe FansBet are the key to our growth, and by working with them, we have the potential to not only grow each others brands, but also give back to the people that really matter in the football industry – the fans.